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​​​​​​ACER Director

The Agency is managed and represented by its Director. Mr Christian Zinglersen was appointed as second Director of ACER. His mandate started in January 2020 and his term of office is five years.

The Director prepares the work of the Administrative Board. He adopts and publishes the opinions, recommendations and decisions that have received a favourable opinion of the Board of Regulators.

He is responsible for drafting the annual work programme of the Agency and implementing it under the guidance of the Board of Regulators and under the administrative control of the Administrative Board. He takes the necessary measures, notably as regards adopting internal administrative instructions and publishing notices, to ensure the functioning of the Agency. The Director draws up a preliminary draft budget of the Agency and implements the approved budget of the Agency.

E-mail: director(at) 


Information​​ on meetings held by the Director

Data Protection Notice on Meetings with the Director of the Agency

Director Decision 2017-35​ on the publication of information on meetings with organisations or self-employed individuals​