Regulatory methods and best practices

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A bridge beyond 2025

​​​​​​​​​​​​In The Bridge beyond 2025 paper jointly released by ACER and CEER in 2019, recommendations are specified regarding the overall framework that could help in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and in increasing the availability of decarbonised gases:

  • Transmission system, storage and LNG operators, as well as DSOs above a specific size threshold, should be obliged to:

o   ​Measure their methane emissions

o   ​Report their methane emissions according to a standard methodology, allowing the identification of the highest emitters.

  • The data should be publicly available through a Methane Emissions Observatory, as well as in the audited annual reports of the operators.

  • Reports should also cover other sources of methane emissions.

  • The measurements should be followed by an action plan at system operator level to address emissions.

  • NRAs should recognise efficiently incurred costs for regulated entities.

  • Once emission data are sufficiently robust, tradeable permits or taxes on actual emissions could be introduced. ​